Everything Corgis And More: Revision

A website for all dogs with fun and healthy products, I have safety products for all of your activities with your dogs both on land and sea. Beautiful and customizable products like St. Francis ID tags and handpainted agility theme collars. New is a dog bed cover for economical dog beds for the smallest dog to the "Big Dogs" in 20 decor matching colors. Durable and easy care, these dog bed covers are made drom duck canvas for comfort and wearablity. Deer antlers are a great and nutrious alternative to rawhide. The antlers are full of calcium and trace minerals, do not splinter, last a month or more, have no odor, do not stain and help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. Now that it is getting to be flea and tick season I recommend Dr. Bronner's Peppermint liquid Castile soap for bathing your dogs. I have used it exclusively for the last 2 years and have had no problems with ticks and fleas despite my vet telling me last year was a horrible flea season.  The castile soap is organic and gently enough to use once a week and rinses clean very easily. I use the lavendar scent as a bath and shaving gel for myself. Please visit us at www.everythingcorgis.com and let me know what you think of the site.